Professional, Distinctive, and Customized Lab Coats!

Professionally Embroidered Lab Coats Made From State-of-the-Art Machines!

Give your lab coat the best personal touch!

Put a little more personality into your office, day and business with a professionally embroidered coat. It’s easy and affordable. We specialize in embroidering names and logos on lab coats in many different styles and colors. We can embroider credentials, departments, facility names, individual names and school names on many brand name lab coats.

Think of your brand image on a lab coat!

A custom-embroidered lab coat will add personality to your service—even improve team spirit—within your business/program. A professional logo might seem small in detail, but it is large in impact for those who see it. It may even improve morale and other psychological aspects of working in a seemingly similar yet diverse environment.

Professional corporate lab coat logos

Consider embroidered names or a logo on your lab coats. With a name or logo placed on your coat, clients will remember where they’ve been and who they’ve been working with.

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