Colored Embroidery Services

When getting custom embroidery designs, consider a few things. You want the design to look good, which means you can’t send just anything over to be digitized and embroidered. Professional embroidery services are done by experts with years of experience manning digitizing and stitching machinery. They will be able to give you advice on how to get the best look for your lab coats, scrubs, or other medical apparel, particularly when it comes to color embroidery designs. Embroidered medical apparel looks best following a few criteria.

First, as mentioned previously, keep your color scheme simple. Too many wild colors get complicated when it comes time to digitize and stitch the design. It may also make the image difficult to figure out. This melds in to the second point a bit as well; keep the images simple. A complex logo with a long tagline underneath is hard to see and decipher. A simple logo with a few basic colors will look much more professional and pristine. You will also want to keep the look consistent. That means if you update your logo at some point, you’ll want to make sure everyone has the same one on their lab coats. Ordering medical apparel in bulk is easy and affordable when you get it from a reputable company and they will also be able to work with you on the design, should you need help making it fit the standards of the process.

Embroidered medical apparel looks professional and distinguished, particularly when you include a doctor’s name and title. That professionalism gives your patients a sense of reassurance, despite how seemingly small the detail is. The colors truly pop from the white coat and will be noticeable right away. Color embroidery designs are an excellent addition to any of your office’s medical apparel.

You can embroider doctor lab coats, dentist coats, nurses scrubs, and hospital lab coats as well. Color embroidery designs can be applied in just about any medical setting you may work in, as they are entirely customizable. You can personalize the coats and make sure you have your logo on the other side. Professional embroidery services are among the best options for getting medical apparel personalized. It lasts for a long time, despite all the washing, because it’s quite literally stitched in to the fabric. Consult with the company to figure out your options for the logo you want.

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